The Biggest Secret to Successful Business

It still surprises me how so many businesses not only do not use social media but think it would not benefit their business!

Wake up call!

Every service business will be online within the next 5 years and every business will have moved their marketing budgets to online advertising only. It does not matter if you are a small one man band or a large corporation; social media is the new way of business.

So my tips are:

- Embrace Social Media. The shift has begun in business to contribution and service to others and there is no better way to express this than using social media. When there is an engagement on both sides and communication this builds trust and respect.

- Don’t Sell to Customers or Clients! Long gone are the days where people bought into the advertising conditioning. It is all about being open and supportive to your customer/ client’s problems, offering help and advice to build a strong relationship.

- Be Yourself. The most crucial factor in any successful business is not to hide behind a business name or brand. The brand should be you and all you stand for, keep your marketing personal, let people know you and they will trust you and your products.

- Create a Blog. It doesn’t matter what business you are in, there will always be masses of tips and advice you can give to people. This is how you engage prospective customers and clients and become their point of reference for your industry.

- Support and Encourage. As you gain followers, be there to give help, support and encouragement, do this without the expectation of something in return; when people see they can interact with you without a follow up sales pitch, they will stay engaged, more then that, they will become your raving fans!

- Allow Yourself Time. Starting a new business does not happen overnight, it takes building relationships, rapport and trust and all this takes time. Be mindful of this and your need to be self supporting financially for anywhere up to a year into your business.

- Live from Your Passion. All too often people go into a type of business that they see as ‘lucrative’ yet have no interest or passion for that industry and wonder why they cannot make a success of it. You have to be passionate about your business; it has to be what gets you up in the morning with a big smile on your face at the prospect of creating within your business. It is all about living your passion!